If I am selling an 82 Snake Eyes' uzi, and you can tell it is an Iron Grenadier's uzi, tell me, and I will correct the listing and the price! If I am selling a weapon as an original, and your eyes are better than mine and can see that it is not a faded black, but a dark grey accessory pack item, tell me, and I will pull it immediately. I do not want to sell accessory pack items here!
Who can leave feedback? Qualified buyers - ones that paid instantly using only PayPal or google checkout - receive an email from noreply@ecrater.com with a link at the time the payment was made and again about 20 days later. They must have that link to leave feedback. KEEP in mind MANY mail systems put all noreply emails in the trash or spam folder - IF they deliver them at all. AOL is known for not delivering such emails. The subject line reads "Rate your transaction for seller xxxx" and the email is from noreply@ecrater.com Feedback CANNOT be left for a buyer. Buyers do not register on this site, therefore there is no way to leave feedback for them.
COMBINED SHIPPING: Yes. The first item you buy is nearly always $2.50 for shipping. For each additional figure, shipping is 0.50 cents extra. This is factored immediately in your shopping cart. You do not have to do anything extra. INSURANCE: If your package is damaged or obviously open/tampered with, contact the United States Postal Service and file a claim with them. Be sure that you request to purchase insurance on an item when paying so that you are always protected from thieves. If you do not choose to purchase insurance, you are responsible for the risk. We can ship the package to you, but we cannot control what happens once it is in the hands of the USPS.
Joints: Shoulders, neck, elbows, and knees are listed as loose when relevant. If the joints are shown as Good or Great, there is no looseness. Breaks: If there are any cracked elbows, fractures, or broken pieces, they will be listed. If not, they will not be listed. Paint: See Below C-10 - Even figures that are still sealed in the package tend to have factory blemishes, sloppy paint, or other anomalies, so C-10 will likely never be used. C-9.5 - A figure that is in the same condition it would have been in when directly removed from the card. C-9.0 - Near Mint. This is a figure that has only minor paint flaws that are not very noticeable until close inspection. C-8.5 - Very Good. This is an item with very, very light paint wear. C-8.0 - Good. An item with normal paint wear, scuffs, or light fading. C-7.5 - Low Quality - Anything below C-8 would likely only be used for customs or harvesting body parts. (my paint guide is loosely related to the guide at JoeParts)
We sure do. There are too many coming in and going out to constantly add here, but you can check out the list below. Most accessories are $2.00 each, unless they are rare or hard to find. Contact me directly if you need anything from here. https://goo.gl/4gzygd